Man with disability gifted custom golf cart after his was stolen

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A group of good Samaritans gifted an elderly man a customized golf cart after his was stolen a few weeks ago.

Clyde Lowe, 70, who lives alone and is missing one leg, relied on his old golf cart to get around his rural property in Crystal River, Florida.

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office did find Lowe's old golf cart in a vacant field, but according to Lowe, whoever stole it broke it, and he's been struggling to do his daily activities. 

"Having my legs back means the world to me," said Lowe.

After hearing about Lowe's desperate search for his stolen golf cart, a group of businessmen from Sun City Center came together to build him a new one.

"Now he can get out, and leave his house, and be able to do the simple things he wants to do that we all take for granted," said Joey Butler, who brought three local businesses together to work on the project.

"If you see an opportunity, you got to take it in life, and this is one of them," said Gordon Dimmock, of Club Car of Sun City.

Bayside Custom Golf Carts and Performance Plus Carts also contributed auto body parts and upholstery to make a snazzy, new golf cart that meets Lowe's needs.

"And they painted it the color I wanted it, Kentucky Wildcat blue," said Lowe.

Although Lowe immediately put the golf cart to use, he said the friends he made are the true gift he's grateful for.

"You never hear of people doing what these people have done to help me," Lowe said.