Manatee, paralyzed by red tide, rescued in Charlotte Co.

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Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office deputies helped haul a manatee trapped in Lemon Bay, in Englewood, Florida, onto a boat August 1 after paralysis from a red tide stranded it on a sandbar.

The sheriff’s office shared photos of the event on its Facebook page.

The manatee is seen with a rescuer and a small orange float. The sheriff’s office said the animal was alive and breathing and can be seen being loaded on to a boat.

Officers with FWC showed up to help load the manatee and take it to SeaWorld for treatment.

“Once it is better it will be released back into the wild after the red tide is clear,” the post stated.

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Florida has been dealing with one of the worst red tides in decades, leading to many dead fish and marine wildlife. Unfortunately, the manatee has since passed away.