Meals on Wheels hires out-of-work caterers to help meet demand

A Bay Area organization that is trying to end world hunger is now helping businesses stay afloat during the pandemic. Their act of generosity is what's right with Tampa Bay.

Volunteers load up boxes of pre-package lunches for the Meal on Wheels 4 Kids program in St Pete.

"What we are doing is supplementing food for families in need," Tim Delancey, site coordinator for MOW4Kids said.

The project not only feeds 500 children five meals a week, but also has another objective. 

"It's two-fold. We're actually helping companies stay in business and we are also trying to provide for the community as well," said Tim.

One of the businesses that they are helping is Delectables Fine Catering in Palm Harbor. They do wedding social and corporate events.

Company co-owner Nick Adams said, "This came along and really helped us. We can keep our staff really busy now which is very important. We don't want to lose anyone. It is really working out for us."

The catering business was having a record year before the pandemic hit.

"It was like a light switch when they shut down the economy because we need large groups to gather in order to feed them," said Delectables Fine Catering co-owner Jeff Simpson.

The private and public partnership has been a huge success and a big relief for families.

"We feel very good to help and it is getting us through it and it's helping them as well at the same time," Adams said.

The caters are so thankful to Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger and Meals On Wheels 4 Kids for the work.

"Anything that we can do to help local businesses stay afloat we are more than happy to do," said Tim.

It's a partnership that is not only feeding families but businesses as well.

"They helped us survive this," said Delectables Fine Catering director Laurie Simpson. "We're going to make it. We'll be here for our brides and our corporate events when the time is ready."

Delectables Fine Catering has been in business for 33 years. They have just started a new pre-packaged meal delivery program. For more information, visit