Mexico Beach residents survey Michael's devastation

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Mexico Beach was once known as a paradise on the Panhandle, now it’s ground zero for the devastation left behind by Hurricane Michael. 

On Sunday, crews continued to clear debris from the beach town as some residents were getting their first look at the damage left behind. 

“It’s a beautiful place, we have a lot of memories here,” said Brandy Wood Jenson, owner of The Driftwood Inn in Mexico Beach. 

Wood’s family has owned the historic inn for decades, now they are trying to salvage anything that remains. 

“We found a lot of photo albums that have damage, but they are things I know my mom will want,” she said. 

Jenson knows that despite her family’s loss, some in Mexico Beach were hit even harder. 

“I saw a man yesterday walking around with a wagon, and he had all his stuff in his wagon, he hadn’t had any food in a couple days,” Jessen recalled. 

As the countless number of volunteers continue to stream in to help in the recovery, Jessen is finding strength in her faith as she begins to pick up the pieces. 

“This is our home and we grew up here, they’re going to want to get back in here and rebuild.”