Military moms treated to Star Spangled Baby Shower

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Ambar Hornback is 31 weeks along with her third child.

Her husband, Michael serves as a Chaplin and is currently deployed. He will miss the birth of his third son.

"I actually asked him not to come," Ambar said.

The Hornbacks are making one of the many choices military moms and spouses have to make while their partners are gone.

"I have two other children. One is six and the other will be four this month. I don't think they can handle daddy coming home and leaving again," Michael added.

That's where Operation Homefront steps in.

"Operation Homefront is a national nonprofit and our mission is to serve military families," said Beth Mcgegor, the Florida-based program coordinator.

The nonprofit hosted a Star Spangled Baby Shower for two dozen expecting moms from military families in Plant City on Saturday.

"Military moms are in a unique situation. A lot of times it's just them and their spouse and then half the time their spouse is deployed or away at training. So we really wanted to show them that there's support for them here. It may not be their core group but there's support for them here and we really wanted to show them that," Mcgregor explained.

The moms were introduced to a variety of available resources to help them through birth and beyond.

Everyone was given a special gift basket full of baby items to take home.