Missing Florida mother, 4 kids found dead

A long-missing Marion County woman and her four missing kids have all been found dead, officials in Marion County announced Monday. 

Over the weekend, family members reported that it had been six weeks since they had seen 33-year-old Casei Jones or her four children: 10-year-old Cameron Bowers, 5-year-old Preston Bowers, 3-year-old Mercalli Jones, and 1-year-old Aiyana Jones.

"I've never ever been so scared," Nikki Jones, Casei's mother, told FOX 35 News on Sunday.  "They don't know where she's at. They went to the house and she's gone. The house is empty."

Monday morning, the Marion County Sheriff's Office said they had found Casei's body near Brantley County, Georgia. That's about 60 miles north of Jacksonville.

Casei's husband, 38-year-old Michael Wayne Jones Jr., was also found in Georgia. Deputies said they had issued a warrant for his arrest on a second-degree homicide charge.

There was no word about the children, though, until late in the afternoon when deputies announced that four bodies -- believed to be the kids -- had also been found.

Investigators now say they believe Jones murdered his family at their home in Summerfield, Florida, then stored the bodies in the home and in his van for several weeks before taking them to rural Georgia.

More charges are expected.