MMA fighter helps aspiring fighters in Tampa

Billy Quarantillo, aka "Billy Q," and Matt Arroyo make quite a team.

Billy Q is a rising star in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. As his trainer and manager, Matt is helping him get there.  Billy came to Gracie Tampa South to train with Matt. He wants to be in UFC and Matt is the best person to get him there.  

Matt is a former MMA fighter himself.  Now, he helps young fighters do the same.

Recently, Billy and Matt took a big step in getting there. On the "Dana White Contender Series" which airs on ESPN Plus, Billy Q was offered a contract on the spot. His fight was just that good. 

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"Four years ago, I was on the Ultimate Fighter -- came up short," he explained. "Ever since then, every day I came to the gym, the goal was to get in the UFC."  

Billy has a gift that many other fighters do not.  Matt said he never gives up and can outlast anyone.  

"I believe God blessed him with a set of lungs where he has ridiculously good cardio -- not every guy has," Matt said.

So now, Billy Q has the UFC contract. His dream came true.  What's next? He moves on to the next goal.

 "That's to beat everyone I gotta beat to get to that top spot."