Mobile home residents watch, wait for electricity

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At the Foxhole Mobile Home Park in Lealman, when Santa stops this year, folks could literally be in the dark.

"At this point in time, I have no idea. Christmas doesn't exist at this point," lamented Jessica Warrant, who lives in a mobile home with no power since authorities ordered it shut off.

Fire inspectors found unsafe electrical wiring. So far, they've ordered electricity shut off to two trailers, but officials say power could soon be cut off to over two dozen more.

"They said they might show down the whole park due to these violations," said Brian Null, who filed a complaint of unsafe conditions late last week.

Null's power was also cut off. He says he had only one working outlet in his living room, but had numerous appliances, an air conditioner, and electronics plugged into it via several extension cords and power strips.

Null says he won't leave because he's afraid his belongings will be stolen. He sent his wife and young son to a relative's house.

"He's not going to be able to walk out of his room and see the Christmas tree lit up with presents underneath it," Null said.

He showed us several citations from Lealman Fire District  noting unsafe wiring. The fire district has levied more the $1,300 in fines so far against the park's owner.

I called the owner, Pamela Carnisis, who said, "Get off my back. It's all being taken care of."

While we were there, one electrician began working on the problems. Officials say if all the trailers aren't made safe by Friday, the power could be cut off to everyone.

The park owner got one motel room for the two families affected so far, but they elected not to sleep there.