Mom inventors draw on family for inspiration

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Kerriann Greenhalgh is not your typical stay at home mom. Not far from her kids' play area is a small lab where the organic chemist perfected her product. She invented a liquid bandage for wound care.

Her company is called KeriCure.

"You basically just spray it on and it will coat the wound and the skin and then form a complete barrier over the skin to prevent infection," explained Greenhalgh.

She knew she was on to something when her husband suffered a cut that became infected. 

"There was a need in the market for something that was effective and that's when I thought I could take what I was doing and make it into a consumer product and go over the counter with it as a liquid bandage," said Greenhalgh.

And it's helping kids too. 

"We've used it a lot on a lot of things like the infant fingernail scratches on their faces all the way up to big knee abrasions when they fall on the concrete," she said.

Monica Leonard is another "mompreneur." She invented "Molly's Suds." It's detergent with limited ingredients.

"Our original laundry powder has five earth derived ingredients and our unscented is four," said Leonard.

The inspiration came from her daughter Molly, who was stillborn. 

"When I started doing more of the research on the ingredients or the chemicals that they did find circulating in newborns,  there are some studies that say this is the reason why there are so many miscarriages, this is why infertility is on the rise," said Leonard.

Molly's footprints are on some of the items.

"It would remind people that we really do have a passion for safer products and we have that passion because of something that happened to our family," said Leonard.

Their products are going global. 

"We just got our first purchase order for China for 25,000 units," said Greenhalgh. "We all support each other, we share contacts, we'll split trade show booths to cut down on costs."

These mom bosses credit their families and each other for their success.  

"You find your tribe. You find your team. You find the people that believe in you", said Leonard.

LINK: For more information about KeriCure, head to Kerriann Greenhalgh's website.
LINK: For more information about Molly's Suds, head to Monica Leonard's website.