Motorcyclist badly injured in hit-and-run thankful to be alive

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It was an accident that would change 31-year-old Brandon Niles’ life forever after a reckless driver hit him while he was riding his motorcycle.  

"He said to me, 'Mom, the worst nightmare happened to me. I'm on my way to Bayfront Medical Center. I lost one leg, and I know for sure I'm going to lose the other,'” said Liz Niles, Brandon’s mother.

The driver, 20-year-old Jah-Vez Tierre Deon Hill-Holmes, left Niles lying in the street near the intersection of Park Blvd. and 40th St. North in Pinellas Park after he hit him with his car and fled the scene.

A trooper who witnessed the crash immediately rushed to help. He has been credited with saving Niles’ life.

"He's a hero. My son would not be here, he would not be here if it wasn't for that state trooper," Liz said.

Despite his second chance at life, Niles’ family said the father of two boys and a step-daughter is still coming to terms with his injuries.

Pinellas Park hit-and-run results in motorcyclist losing both legs

"He has severed legs,” said Niles’ mother. “There was no way to reattach them. He had a broken arm, and they were not even going to try to work on his arm, because it was just too much trauma for his body."

In just three days, Niles has undergone numerous surgeries. His medical bills are mounting.

"The surgeries will amass a million dollars very, very quickly. Things that we look to every day, playing with your kid or walking to the store to pick something up, it's just not going to be there for him anymore,” said Calvin Robinson, the owner of 813 Injury Law who is representing the family.

A long road of recovery and therapy is ahead for Niles.

However, despite his circumstances, his family said he is staying positive.

"He's alive and he'll be able to be a father. It's a second chance for him,” said Liz Niles.

Hill-Holmes did eventually return to the scene Wednesday night to turn himself in. He is now facing numerous charges including leaving the scene of an accident.