Mural painting used as therapy for memory loss patients

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An assisted living facility in Hillsborough County is exploring the possibility of painting as a way to help patients suffering from memory loss.

Residents at Tessera of Brandon helped paint a mural of the historic Henry B. Plant Museum at the University of Tampa.

The residents worked under the watchful eyes of a professional art instructor and memory care specialists at the facility. 

Resident Lois Aszman said the experience was "calming."

Memory care specialists are using the art project to help the residents remember the feelings that creating art gives them.

Aszman said, "It's an amazing thing to walk up to a mural on a wall and realize you did those flowers, you did those plants, you were part of that."

In the future, residents will be able to walk by the completed mural and hopefully remember the fun they had contributing to it.

"Anything like this is what helps keep the brain active. If you have any problems or troubles, you kind of forget," said Aszman.