Murph workout at Crossfit dedicated to fallen service members

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Typically CrossFit gyms have alternate operational hours to work around national holidays, but at one Tampa gym, there is no exception on Memorial Day.

Cigar City CrossFit in Ybor City is owned and operated by a veteran.

"Although I dont necessarily hang my hat on my military service, it's been a source of pride on occasion share it with individuals and share it with my community so they can understand what the veteran experience looks like," explained Benjamin Bunn.

Bunn enlisted after high school. After 9/11, he pushed himself harder, earning his Green Beret.

"I got into CrossFit when I was in special operations as a Green Beret. I loved CrossFit and loved what it did. Early on, it was apparent that CrossFit embraced first responders, law enforcement and military personnel," Bunn said. "I joined in 2005, spent a little time in the special operations community and it was long thereafter that they started adopting hero workouts." 

A hero workout is exactly that -- a set that is more strenuous than the typical workout and usually bears the name of a service member killed in action. The very first "hero workout" at Bunn's gym was named after Lt. Michael Murphy, a Navy Seal killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005.

"The special operation community is very, very small," Bunn explained, "and some of these men and women are people that I knew or they were friends of my friends. Knowing individuals from hero workouts is difficult but it's a time for reflection. Some workouts stick out more than others but once you get through one you'll never forget it."

"I'm proud of the sacrifice they've made. I'm proud to call them my friends. I'm proud that i too served in uniform and I'm thankful for the sacrifice that they've made," he added.

Cigar City is joining other gyms across the nation for the Murph workout that's taking place this Saturday.

LINK: For more information, head over to Cigar City Crossfit's website.