Music has an impact on patients at Moffitt Cancer Center

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In April, we told you the story of Lloyd Goldstein, a Bass player who used to play in huge concert halls before thousands of people as a member of the Florida Orchestra. Now he plays concerts for one person at at time in Moffitt Cancer Center.

"I had this urge to do some volunteer work," Goldstein told FOX 13.

Bob Snedeker is one of those patients Goldstein visited.

"You try to salvage all of the good days you get," Snedeker said. "There's so much to music."

"The arts are a powerful influence on people," said Goldstein, who played his Bass right there in Snedeker's room.

"This is what it's like here: when you have sticks, you have pain, you have treatment -- but boy, you have people here who treat you like a human being whose life they're trying to save," Snedeker said.

The power of music impacts this audience of one. 

"We try to facilitate art experiences," Goldstein said.

It's an experience this patient appreciates.

"It's a gift. I didn't deserve this, but I sure appreciate it," Snedeker said.

That is the gift of music at Moffitt Cancer Center, as one patient at a time, this performer plays to lift their spirits.