Mystery man questioned in death of woman found in St. Pete park

The mystery behind the murder of a key west mother has police retracing her steps.

Christie New, 43, a mother to a young daughter, was found badly beaten at a Lake Maggiore Park in St. Pete last Thursday.

A park worker found her, but it was too late. She died of her injuries days later.

Detectives are apparently talking to the last person who saw her alive.

New's family says she was at her best when she was riding her horses. Her sister, Deanna New says her love of horses brought her to the Bay Area.

"She had driven to Ocala from Key West with her horses because her horse trainer is in Ocala," Deanna told FOX 13 News.

But her trip to Ocala and then to the Bay Area ended the worst possible way.

"I just don't get it. I'm sorry I just don't get it," Deanna said, sobbing.

For Deanna, it's still hard to believe her sister, isn't coming home.

Homicide investigators are now trying to piece together the last days of Christie's life; where she went, who she was with, and how she ended up in Lake Maggiore Park.

Deanna says she believes Christie met with a male acquaintance during her trip to Ocala.

"What were [they] doing in St. Pete? I don't know. I don't even know this person she was with," Deanna said, adding that Christie's friends in Key West and Christie's boyfriend were also unaware of the man's identity.

But Deanna says St. Pete police know who the man is and have already spoken to him, but they aren't saying much about it.

Deanna thinks this mystery man may have some answers.

"I'm sure hoping because he was the last one that saw her alive," said Deanna.