Neighbors on edge after Tampa grandmother killed

A Tampa grandmother was killed after a bullet went through her bedroom window Saturday afternoon.

It happened on Delaware and Union Street in Tampa.

Elenora Cowart knew something had happened, but didn't know what.

"I heard the shots fired," said Elenora Cowart. "It is just ridiculous. You don't know what psychological state to be in."

Cowart learned her neighbor, 58-year-old Sharon Darns Watkins, had been killed.

Tampa Police say she was shot multiple times. Her husband found her body in their bedroom. Police say he is not a suspect.

"She was a loving and caring person. Everyone in the neighborhood knew her," said Cowart.

Outside on North Delaware Avenue, toys are spread around the yard.

Friends said Watkins and her husband lived for their grandchildren.

Nearby, a chair sat on the porch, neighbors said Watkins would spend her days outside smiling and waving.

"When you would go around the corner she would always speak, you would always see her children over visiting her great-grandchildren and her grandchildren," said Cowart.

Tampa Police were back at the scene Sunday afternoon, sifting through the yard and searching for any clues.

Bullet holes could be seen from a back window.

"It makes you feel insecure, unsafe," said Coward. "You used to be able to come and sit out on your front porch."

Neighbors continue questioning why this happened to a woman who became extended family to all.

They said she had done nothing wrong.

"It is a constant thing that has been going on. Something needs to be done right away and effectively," said Cowart.

They only hope her death opens up others eyes to a problem that won't seem to go away.

"Maybe this will open up some eyes you know young and old to make this community come together closer and bond," said Cowart.

If you have any information you are asked to contact Crime Stoppers.