Network of churches helps those struggling get back on their feet

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Kurien Mathew is happy to be serving others. The assistant manager at the Portico Cafe in Tampa was at one point in need of help, himself.

"I was running into some rough times, had been laid off, had a couple of roommates who weren't of the best company," said Mathew.

When he was down and out, he turned to Love INC, also known as Love In The Name Of Christ.

The organization unites local churches to help those struggling get back on their feet.

"We actually form a relationship with the individuals so we can address holistically what their true needs are and not just the symptom of the problem," said Ann Doyle, executive director of Love INC.

"They provided me with the workforce housing which helped me save some money and in addition just kind of general life coaching," said Mathew.

Volunteers offer guidance and services.  

"We've got lawyers who are volunteers who have helped us mitigate evictions so that a family can stay in their home, we have a dentist who provides free dental care," said Doyle.

It can be just as rewarding for the volunteers as it can be for the clients.  

"When a volunteer enters into relationships with people that are not like them or have different life experience, they're transformed too they understand a lot more about how it is to survive day to day," said Doyle.

Mathew is grateful.

"They were hugely instrumental in helping me refocus my life and have hope for my future," he said.

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