New doctors to assess accused Seminole Heights killer

An emergency hearing was held Wednesday for the man accused of shooting four people in Seminole Heights.

On Friday the public was supposed to learn whether Howell "Trai" Donaldson was mentally fit to stand trial. A doctor has already evaluated Donaldson and was going to present his findings to a judge.

Wednesday, however, Donaldson's attorneys called a last-minute hearing to ask the judge to appoint new doctors to evaluate Donaldson.

It was never revealed in the hearing whether the first doctor found Donaldson fit or not.    

What is clear is that the Hillsborough Public Defender's Office wants a second opinion on the matter.

Attorney Charles Traina asked for two new doctors to be appointed to evaluate Donaldson.

The prosecution did not object to the request.

Now the competency hearing scheduled for Friday is pushed back for a month to give the new doctors time to interview Donaldson and put together a report on their findings.

Donaldson is accused of gunning down four people in the Seminole Heights area last Fall.

If convicted, Donaldson faces the death penalty.