New evidence released in neo-Nazi case

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Defendant, turned convicted felon Brandon Russell admits to the FBI  early on that he is a neo-Nazi believer. " I consider myself a Nationalist Socialist," said Russell. 

In fact, Russell says he started in own Neo-Nazi group online called Atomwaffen, which means atomic weapon in German. "Pretty much a bunch of us with similar interest," said Russell.

Russell's belief are one thing, but the FBI wants to know more about the all explosives and bomb making material found in his garage.
Russell says there's nothing sinister about it. He was making homemade toy rockets.
But in some of the evidence released in the case, it appears that detectives are zeroing in on a framed picture he has on his dresser of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.
When an FBI agent asks why he admires McVeigh, Russell doesn't say much. "I don't know," said Russell.
Agents expressed their concern for the explosive materials found in his home coupled with his fascination with a domestic terrorist, but Russell reassures them there is nothing to worry about. "I'm not planning anything just to go back to school and get my business degree," said Russell.

But it's clear during the interrogation one agent doesn't buy it and turns up the heat on Russell. "If we start asking other people and we find out you are spearheading or trying to spearhead the take down U.S. Government ala Timothy McVeigh well theres a problem," expresses one undercover agent.

Russell denies it all.
But Russell's roommate Devon Arthurs, who had just been arrested for killing their other two roommates, tells police something different. "The things they were planning were horrible. They were planning bombings on countless people. They were planning to kill civilian life along with power lines, nuclear reactors, synagogues, things like that," said Arthurs.

Eight months after Russell and Arthurs talked to the FBI, Russell pled guilty in federal court to explosive charges. He is now serving a 5 year sentence.

Arthurs is facing two counts of murder and one doctor has found him unfit to stand trial. A judge is waiting for a second opinion.
If Arthurs is found incompetent, he will be sent to a state hospital for treatment.