New sentence for man charged with murder as teen

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Floyd LaFountain was 16-years-old when he and two of his buddies broke into a Tampa home. One of those buddies killed the resident, and he and LaFountain were sentenced to life in prison.

Kyle Moran fired the gun that killed 73-year-old Manuel Huerta. In 2001, Moran and LaFountain got life in prison, despite the fact LaFountian asked the judge for the death penalty.

Now, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling could swing open the prison doors a lot sooner. The high court ruled sentencing juveniles to life is cruel and unusual punishment, and those who received life must be re-sentenced.

So on Friday, LaFountain's attorney, Jose Barreiro lined up witnesses to testify on LaFountain's behalf.

He also said in court a child brain development specialist would interview LaFountain.

Prosecutors could bring in their own experts, as well as the victim's family, to talk about the lifetime of anguish and heartbreak they've been sentenced to.

The re-sentencing is set for December. The judge will have the discretion on how many years she gives LaFountain - which could be years, to life, in prison.