New twist to get pets into forever homes

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You might think Paris or Milan are the cities for cutting edge fashion. Perhaps for people -- but for pets, the hot spot is now apparently in Winter Haven.

Polk County Sheriff's Office Animal Control just began dressing up its homeless dogs, cats and an occasional guinea pig in hopes they will find homes faster.

"And guess what?" said Polk Sheriff Grady Judd. "We're seeing a 45-percent increase in adoptions."

"People show up and say that's the one I want. That is the one I saw on Facebook."

You can see the high fashion hounds and cutting edge kitties on Facebook:

The parade of gussied-up pets is quite a different image than the one the Polk Sheriff's Office usually portrays. It is known nationally as a no-nonsense agency with a zero tolerance for crime of any kind.

But it seems to have a softer, gentler side as well.

"I don't see you as a glamor guy," FOX 13 commented to Judd.

"You know what? I can do most anything I need to do," Judd responded.

Even though Judd's staff usually shoots the photos, he was happy to pick up a camera and snap a few when FOX 13 was there. It's not a stretch for Judd because he is an amateur photographer. Capturing the quiet solitude of nature is one of his favorite ways to relax.

However, shooting cats in tutus and dogs wearing colorful bandanas is a bit out his normal comfort zone.

"Would you dress up your dog in these outfits?" we asked him.

"No, but my wife would," he replied.

Whatever you think of this new pet marketing push, the glam shots seem to be clicking.

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