No criminal charges for Tampa garbage truck driver

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The driver of a city of Tampa solid waste vehicle, who hit and killed a woman on Davis Island Tuesday, will not face criminal charges, police say.

The Tampa Police Department says a civil traffic citation will be issued to the driver, but it is unclear what the charge will be.

The accident happened Tuesday morning. A retired Tampa school teacher was walking in the area of Aegean Drive and Davis Boulevard when she was hit by the truck, which was backing up at the time.

Marcia Woodside Rivers, 65, lives near where she was hit and killed, police say. It was determined she was not wearing headphones at the time.

City officials say the driver, 49-year-old Jarvis mercer has been an overall good employee, but he has had "minor" traffic problems that were "out of his control" in the past.

Mercer's driving record shows four traffic violations: Two for careless driving and two general traffic citations.

“A majority of the incidents that Mr. Mercer has been involved in have been non-preventable and minor in nature,” Mark Wilfalk with Tampa Solid Waste said.

The city says Mercer’s driving record is not uncommon for garbage truck drivers who spend their whole workday on the roads.

The city says garbage trucks must either have a backup alarm or the driver must blow his horn when he's backing up. Police have not said if either type of warning was sounded.