No directions? No problem: Tampa's Downtown Partnership helps visitors navigate the area

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Have you ever visited downtown and wished you had a guide? Do you know where the courthouse is if you get a summons for jury duty? What if you wanted to speak at a City Council meeting or a County Commission meeting: do you know where City Hall or the County Building are located?

Not to worry, the Tampa Downtown Partnership has you covered.

They oversee the area that is downtown Tampa with a staff of guides and clean team members.

"There is a map for you," says a guide clad in yellow shirt and matching yellow pith helmet.

The guides walk the streets looking for people who need a little direction. 

"Can I help you?" is a common phrase always in their vocabulary. It's delivered with a ready smile and a willingness to do just that: help.

The partnership will take care of directions, business and restaurant recommendations, and can even help with tire changes and dead battery jumps.

"We can instantly change somebody's experience downtown," says Shaun Drinkard, Senior Director of Public Programming and Operations with the Partnership.

He also noted that the Clean Team takes care of the city right of ways and public spaces, "keeping the streets downtown clean and inviting."

Overall, their hope is to be the goodwill ambassadors for the downtown area and take some of the unknowns out of everyone's visit.

They end every interaction with a cheerful, "Thank you for coming downtown today."