Now rising in Riverview: Leaven Brewing

Raise your glasses high; there is a yet another new brewery in the area. Leaven Brewing opened on Boyette Road in Riverview a few months ago.

For its owners, KJ and Jillian Lynch, brewing is a passion.

"It’s a balance of science, chemistry, art and good, hard work," KJ told FOX 13. "They all come together to make a good glass of beer."

The Lynches have come up with more than two dozen beers with names such as Quaker Goats and Cheeky Blonde. They have a list of possible names they are thinking about using when they concoct other new beers.

How does "God Save the Hipsters," sound to you?  Maybe "King of the Fridge?"

Do those names make you want to test it out?  They all could be on flowing from their tap one day.

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KJ and Jillian started Leaven Brewing when they figured out they wanted to take some risks in life. Instead of using their nest egg to buy a house, they decided to sink it into launching their business.

"We’re young and full of spirit," said Jillian. "So we’re throwing all of our spirit into making craft beer."

After the couple found a spot to rent in a shopping center, they called in the cards from their brew brothers and sisters in the industry to help. Together, they gutted the space, built a bar with a cement top, refurbished the floors, and brought in more than $100,000 worth of brewing equipment.

Now, they are spending the better part of their days brewing and serving their beer.

"Beer brings everyone together," Jillian added. "No matter who you are. No matter what your background."

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