"Numerous" traffic issues at North Port school attract police attention

North Port police are adding officers to a charter school intersection because afternoon drop-offs are getting out of hand.

"We have had numerous issues arise with traffic at Imagine School - Upper Campus since the start of the school year," read a post on the department's Facebook page.

Imagine School is located on Symacore Street, near Penecea Boulevard. Police say parents lining up at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up are causing an "impediment of traffic" and placing some students in dangerous situations. 

"These issues include parents stopping in the middle of the road on Panacea Blvd," the post continued. "There are also issues with pedestrian violations regarding kids jumping out of cars in the middle of the road and running across the road to get to the school."

Sergeant Tony Donahew of the NPPD Traffic Unit says he mostly sees problems in the afternoon.

The Traffic Unit is working with school administrators to brainstorm a better traffic pattern, but changes could take months to put into effect. 

For now, officers are urging parents to have patience, because they will soon begin issuing citations.