Nursing home employee stole $20,000 worth of items from resident

A nursing home employee was arrested for allegedly stealing nearly $20,000 worth of items from residents and then pawned them.

Pasco County deputies arrested 23-year-old Jessica Campbell on Wednesday evening. They said at the time of the burglary, she was care staff member at Atria Nursing Home in Hudson with a master key to the facility. 

Investigators said Campbell stole a ring, two bracelets and a necklace from at least one resident. The total value of the stolen items was $20,000. Officials said the victim was considered as an “independent” and does not receive care.

“Therefore [Campbell] never had a right to enter the apartment,” according to the suspect’s arrest affidavit.

Detectives said she sold the items at a pawn shop called, “Your Friend Ben,” and received $300 for the property. 

Campbell was arrested on several charges including dealing in stolen property, burglary and grand theft.