Old golf course blamed for flooding neighborhoods

It could be two weeks before two neighborhoods dry out, and residents blame a flooded old golf course and a pumping station.

The Brandywine Condominiums and parts of the Magnolia Valley subdivision are submerged in about two-to-three feet of water.

Both lie along the old Magnolia Valley Golf Club which is now out of business.

The fairways and tee boxes are under water.

"Never seen it like this," Minh Mai said. "It's never gotten into my house or anything like that."

Mai has lived on what used to be the fifth hole in Magnolia Valley for more than a decade, and he has about a foot of water in his home.

"Everything on the bottom basement is done. It's ruined," He explained.

Across the golf course property, at the condominiums, residents are watching the water rise.

"Now that we have the underground system so overloaded with water, there's no way for the water to go out. It's only through that pump," Sharon Pelchat said.

Like many of her neighbors, Pelchat thinks because the golf course is out of business, the pumping station hasn't been maintained.

"The pump doesn't run, so we're just at that point where it's not doing what it needs to do," she added.

Residents say they have called the city, and the county.

They've been told, "it's private property. They don't own the pump. They can't operate it."

Neighbor’s hope Pasco County Officials step in and help drain the golf course property because residents believe, it can be done much faster than the old pump.