Online kid's yoga class becomes worldwide sensation amid coronaviurs pandemic

Eight-year-old Raegan O'Neil is currently homeschooling like the rest of the country. Sometimes for gym class, she hops on YouTube for a yoga session. 

It's called Cosmic Kids Yoga and it’s the creation of British woman, Jaime Amor. Her videos intertwine popular children’s stories with real yoga poses. 

Jaime's been making videos for eight years, but views have skyrocketed during the global shutdown. Videos which usually garner 100,000 views a day are now getting a million. 

On all platforms, including their own app, total views exceed 150 million. 

“Just to get your head around those numbers is kind of mind-blowing,” Amor said. “When you start seeing peaks in places like India or China, it’s like how?” 

The content fulfills a great need for healthy screen time for families on lockdown. 

“It’s a great way for her to get out the wiggles, get out the frustrations of being inside all day,” explained Raegan’s mom, Danielle O’Neil. 

“So many people have been in touch and sent lovely messages about how I’m like the third parent in their household now,” Amore added. 

She said the benefits of the videos are not purely physical. The mindfulness approach helps kids cope with anxious feelings during uncertain times. 

“Even with feelings of fear, anger and worry, we notice them,” she said. “We accept them and then we know that they will pass like all feelings do.” 

O’Neil believes it helps as well. “I think it helps with some of the anxiety that our kids aren’t able to express but we know they are feeling,” she said.

When life finally returns to normal, Amor hopes kids continue to apply what they've learned.

“They have this connection with their bodies and minds that they can practice, and they can work on and they can dip into whenever they want.”

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