Only in Florida: More animals than you can shake a lasso at

  • Only in Florida would a pub erect a headstone for a bar stool. At the tender age of five, the bench at Pelican Pub in St. Petersburg met an untimely end. 
  • Every week brings animal videos to our newsroom but rarely do so many animals show up in front of a single camera. And rarely does Chris Cato misidentify so many animals in one piece.
  • But dolphins and manatees are easy ones to get right, especially when they're kissing the bottom of a See Through Canoe.
  • The canoe probably didn't taste as good as the Cool Whip and sausage a bear nibbled on in a Longwood homeowner's garage.
  • And one last thing you'll find only in Florida: an officer lassoing a wayward alligator.