Pastor works to feed hungry children

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Pastor Moses Brown has been touching lives and giving hope to families for more than 30 years.

Every Friday, Pastor Brown appears on the morning show at Tampa's Robles Elementary School.

"So, create your mind, let it expand, because you have a lot in you that can come out of you to make a big difference," Pastor Moses Brown said to his audience through the camera.

"I believe that these kids have so much in them and they just need to have some encouragement to keep going," Pastor Brown said.

Brown also helps families through his food bank, Feeding Our Children Ministries.

"When we go into their homes, we don't just bring food, but we try to bring them hope, ask them, 'What else do you need?'" Pastor Brown added.

As someone who was abandoned at birth and then adopted, Brown credits his upbringing for a will to give back. 

"Our house was always opened for anybody who needed a place to stay and that's the way I feel today," Pastor Brown said.

His is a message that he hopes to spread to children everywhere.