PCSO holds "Ride & Run with the Stars" event

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office is celebrating 25 years of their Christmas Share Program, by hosting their largest Ride and Run With The Stars event. 

"Our 5K actually closed down almost a month and a half ago. We have over 160 people running a 5K and we have 25 people doing the 5K and then jumping on the 25 mile bike ride after," explained Lt. Joe Gerretz.

The fitness event doubles as a fundraiser for the Christmas Share Program, where officials identify families in financial need and make sure they have a merry Christmas. 

"All the money is raised from the race the registrations our sponsorships and everything, and in about two weeks we'll go to target and shop for them," Lt. Gerretz added. 

This year the Ride and Run raised enough money to benefit 350 local families, and nearly 1,000 children.