Person seen looking into Zephyrhills homes, cars

Investigators are trying to find a person suspected of peering into homes and cars in the Fort King Acres neighborhood.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office said the suspect was seen Thursday looking through windows and into cars.

A neighbor, Paul Fortier, said he witnessed the person's activity around three nearby homes.

"It's very concerning because it could happen to my own place," Fortier said. "I saw him looking in the window...and then when he walked over this way, he started looking around underneath the carport."

Fortier told FOX 13 News he saw the same man at another neighbor's home a short time later, before the man walked up to a third home, whose surveillance camera recorded him.

Fortier said law enforcement officers live in two of the three homes.

"They're our protecting us and it's time that we turn around and protect them as well. They need to be backed up as well as anybody else," he said.

Neighbors are worried the man is a possible peeping Tom, a potential burglar or something else

"Your home is your safety net. When you come home, you ant to feel safe and anybody that's looking in windows has no business being around a private home," said Lisa Mazza, who lives in the community.

Detectives said the man is about 5' 6" and 230 pounds and was wearing a Miami Dolphins "Dan Marino" jersey.

Anyone with information about who the person in the photos is, or may have seen him was asked to call 1-800-706-2488 or 727-847-8102, or submit a tip at