Pinellas County church feeds those in need, rain or shine

A Pinellas County church is filling the commission of feeding the hungry.

There's not much that can get in the way of Pastor Debbie Kennedy and her team of volunteers when they set out on their mission to help those in need.

"Rain does not cancel it," said Liberty Worship Center Pastor Debbie Kennedy. "The need is here whether it's raining or not."

They started a food bank at their Largo church two years ago and now serve about 400 families a week, with the help of Feeding Tampa Bay.

"When we started, we did about 45 families and as the need increased in the community, God has provided and we have extra food and we have been able to continue to give everybody food when they come," she said. "The numbers have gone up tremendously but every time, we have all the food we need to feed them."

Pastor Kennedy said COVID-19 has changed the way they fulfill their mission, but the outcome is the same. 

"The Bible tells us to feed the hungry and that is part of one of our commissions as Christians," she said.