Pinellas County leaders look to governor to set tone for reopening

Leaders in Pinellas County are trying to plan on how to safely reopen whenever Governor Ron DeSantis gives the order.  

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 “We are waiting for the governor to set the tone,” said Barry Burton, Pinellas County administrator. 

DeSantis’ order which closes all non-essential business expires on April 30. 
Pinellas Commission Chair Pat Gerard, said they don’t know if the governor will extend the order as it stands, modify it or let it expire. 

“We are ready to coordinate with the state,” Gerard said Friday during a County Facebook Live address.  “No matter when or how we start our reopening process, social distancing will still be necessary.”
Leaders said they could go back to what was in place before the governor’s executive order which allowed non-essential businesses to remain open, as long as they followed CDC physical distancing rules. 

County leaders expect to learn more and discuss their plans more in-depth during an emergency meeting Tuesday. 

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