Pinellas County prepared to reopen the beaches Monday morning

Sunday may be one of the last days Clearwater Beach will ever be completely empty.
 "We want them to get out there and enjoy the sunshine, we just ask that they do it in a responsible way,” Pinellas County Sheriff’s Bob Gualtieri explained.

Come Monday morning, it's back to business as usual for Pinellas County Beaches and Sheriff Gualtieri said they're ready.
 "The community spread was definitely slowed and was at a point where it was time to do something," Gualtieri said.
 But the sheriff's office isn't leaving room for any issues. Deputies will be at every beach entry point to make sure beach-goers are being smart and following CDC guidelines.

"There will be about 300 law enforcement officers on the beach from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m,” Gualtieri explained. “We have about 250 deputies plus partnerships with treasure island police, Clearwater police, even the Florida Highway Patrol is going to help out."
 With restaurants and businesses also able to open their doors Monday, traffic on the beach is crucial for them getting back on their feet.

"The people who patronize the businesses are there to go to the beach,” Gualtieri said. “So all these, whether it's a shirt shop, whether it's a restaurant, whatever the type of business that's out there, they need the beach-goers."
 The sheriff knows many have been waiting to make their way back to these white sandy shores and he encourages people to soak up the sun as long as they are safe.
 "Responsible means stay six feet apart and no more than groups of 10 and enjoy it,” Gualtieri said. As long as everyone does that, we won't have any problems."