Pinellas won't show school-shooting video in elementary classrooms

The new school year has started around Tampa Bay, with a list of required new security measures following the mass shooting that killed 19 at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 

One planned measure by Pinellas County Schools had taking had some parents raising their eyebrows. 

“As a mom, I’m shocked,” said one parent FOX 13 talked to Monday. “It's important for children to be aware of what's happening. But to me, showing these kinds of things its putting them in a situation where it will happen."

The school released what they call three age-appropriate videos, which they say train children in the horrible event an active shooter storms campus. 

"This is something they can take with them, if they are at a movie, if they're at a shopping mall," explained Lisa Wolf, Pinellas Schools spokesperson.  “We understand the sensitivity to the issue, understand there are things we are required to do by state law."

After backlash from parents, the school system pulled back, deciding not to show the video in elementary classrooms.

"The videos will not be placed in elementary classrooms, so they will not be shown during the class day to elementary parents," Wolfe said. 

Instead, the school system is posting a link on their website – allowing parents to choose whether their children see it or not.

LINK: See the Grade K-2 and other videos