Police: 2 arrested for damaging dozens of parking meters with foam sealant in St. Pete

Police in St. Petersburg have arrested two people who they say deliberately damaged downtown parking meters with foam sealant.

Investigators took 34-year-old Nicholas Windholz and his girlfriend, 32-year-old Kiersten Lyons, into custody Friday night.

(Pinellas County Jail)

Police said Windholz admitted to damaging the meters by spraying expandable foam inside of the meter coin slots to render them inoperable. Lyons told investigators she would act as a lookout while Windholz walked the block, saying she did so to "keep him safe."

Windholz said he purposely damaged the meters on three separate days, starting on Oct. 27.

Police said a total of 74 meters have been damaged, noting each one costs at least $550 to replace.

Windholz has been charged with three counts of felony criminal mischief, while Lyons faces one count.