Police: Man stalked, posted nude pics of college student after affair

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Bruce Joseph was arrested Tuesday morning, accused of cyberstalking and harassing a 19-year-old after she ended their affair, police say. 

Largo police said the 57-year-old married man repeatedly used the victim's identity to badger people she knew.

"When the relationship was terminated, up until pretty much his arrest, it was a constant thing that he was doing,” said Sergeant Richelle Bradshaw.

The 19-year-old victim met the man -- who's 38 years her senior -- while he chaperoned homecoming at her Clearwater high school, detectives say, back in 2015. Joseph's wife worked at the facility.

According to investigators, once the girl turned 18, the pair developed a romantic relationship that lasted on and off for about two years, but then things took a dark turn.

"He sent her naked photos to her own mother, to her own sister,” said private investigator John Hubbard.     

The victim’s mother hired the private investigator to find out who was behind the months of torment she and her children suffered.

Hubbard tells us Joseph set up multiple bogus social media accounts, posing as the teen.  He would send her friends and family nude photos, and directed strange men to the victim’s college dorm with promises of sex without her knowledge.

"He has used about 38 different voice IP numbers and/or burner phones, all of which cannot be traced," said Hubbard.

The victim’s mother says it's been a nightmare, filled with months of nonstop harassment.

“I’ve cried multiple times with him on the phone because I just cannot believe that someone would even do this,” Crystal said.  “If you saw the texts and things that he said, it’s disgusting.”

She says Joseph and his wife used to be trusted, family friends.  They would go out to dinner and celebrate birthdays together. 

“The thing is, before I knew it was him, we would talk about this,” Crystal said.  “I would confide in him and his wife.”

Now she believes Joseph is obsessed with her daughter, and took advantage of her.  It’s been a painful experience.

“My heart was broken, because I thought I raised them better, and when I asked her why did you do this, ‘He asked for me to do it, he asked for 'em.’  I’m like, just 'cause somebody asks for them you don’t send them,” said Crystal.

According to online court records, Joseph is out on bond.  He’s charged with aggravated stalking, sexual cyber-harassment, and criminal use of personal identification.            

"I don't know if him being arrested is really gonna stop him from doing it, cuz he thinks he's invincible and won't be caught," said Hubbard.

“I feel like now at least I won’t have to worry about picking up my phone to see what kind of messages I’m getting, or my children calling me and saying I got another text,” said Crystal.

Hubbard tells FOX 13 News he has uncovered evidence there are likely other victims.  So far, the Largo Police Department says no one else has come forward.