Police presence felt in skittish Seminole Heights neighborhood

FOX 13 rode along Tuesday with Lt. Kimberly Plourde-Torres, a 22-year veteran of the Tampa Police Department, as he patrolled the area where three related murders remain unsolved.

Lt. Ploude-Torres is one of the dozens of officers saturating southeast Seminole Heights.

"We want to make everyone safe and we're also asking people if they've seen [or] heard anything," she said, adding, "If you see something, say something."

There have been three killings in less than two weeks and there’s hardly anything to go on.

"Nobody wants this in their neighborhood. It’s a scary thing. It concerns us as a police department," said the lieutenant.

The crimes set the tone at Tuesday’s Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association meeting.

"Again, it could be anyone," said the meeting’s leader. 

With so many unknowns still out there, residents are left to wonder if they are safe

Back in the patrol car, the lieutenant made one thing clear.

"We’re not going to rest, certainly until this individual is behind bars," she said with resolve.

A $25,000 reward is still available for information that leads to an arrest.