Pottery maker explains lifelong commitment to clay

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Jack Boyle is 64 years old. He spent 40 of those creating beautiful - and functional - works of art with his hands. He developed a love for ceramic arts when he visited his uncle Al in Seagrove, North Carolina.

So Boyle went to college and took a pottery class.

"When I went to college and took a pottery class, I was  immediately attracted to it," Boyle explained. "The teacher made a beautiful vase and I was captured."

Boyle said becoming a good potter takes a long time. 

"It takes months just to get the most basic control of the pottery on the wheel, the clay," Jack said. "And it takes years to where you get to the point to where you can make anything sophisticated. And then, at the point, you're only limited by your imagination."

Jack has made 100,000 pieces and said he cannot envision himself doing anything else.

Jack teaches pottery classes at his business, San Antonio Pottery. He also sells his pottery online and at his business. Visit www.sanantoniopottery.net for more.