President-elect Trump brings his "Thank You Tour" to Orlando

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President-elect Donald Trump took his "Thank You Tour" to Orlando Friday, speaking to a crowd of thousands at the central Florida Fairgrounds.

Trump spoke for about an hour after Vice President-elect Mike Pence introduced him to the cheering crowd.

The president elect thanked Florida voters for helping him win the swing state and the election. Then he went through a play-by-play recalling when he realized he won states that polls said he wouldn't.

The president-elect outlined campaign promises like cutting taxes for businesses and reducing regulations. He also threatened businesses who move jobs out of the country with tax penalties.

Trump spent a portion of the speech cajoling the crowd into chanting at the media, which he called "dishonest people."

The future president described his victory in Florida as large, despite a relatively slim approximate 100,000 vote margin.

Trump also reaffirmed his promise to build a border wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and talking tough on national security. In his speech he specifically mentioned the attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando, pledging to rid the country of terrorists.

He did not address the Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee servers, which the intelligence community has agreed was aimed at helping him win the election.

Trump continues his Christmas-themed tour tomorrow in Mobile, Alabama.

He also discussed how he would improve infrastructure across the country.

"I'm asking Congress to support the construction of new roads and bridges, airports, tunnels and railways across this nation and we're gonna put people back to work in the process, believe me. It's gonna be our people," said Trump.

Trump also addressed coming together after the election.

"We will heal our divisions and unify or country. Our country is very divided. We will bring our country back togetrher. We will love everyone. Not segments. Not small groups or big groups. We're gonna love everyone in our country.  When Americans are unified there is nothing we cannot do," Trump said.