'Proactive' testing finds 8 positive for COVID-19 at New Port Richey assisted living facility

Some of the residents and staff at two assisted living facilities -- one in Pasco County and another in Sarasota -- have tested positive for COVID-19, according to a video published on Vimeo by the company that manages both residences, SenCare Management.

The president of SenCare, John Moschner said in the video that certain residents and staff at 18 different Grand Villa properties in Florida were proactively tested for COVID-19. New residents, residents returning from other healthcare facilities, and new employees were among 600 who were tested.

Moschner said at Grand Villa New Port Richey, 31 residents and staff were tested and eight were positive for COVID-19. At Grand Villa of Sarasota, 20 residents and staff were tested and one was positive.

“Every employee who tested positive was asymptomatic. We immediately sent those staff members home to self-isolate and seek medical treatment," Moschner added. "We have been in contact with the local Department of Health to ask for guidance about expanded testing and contact tracing investigations to determine exactly who those staff members may have come in contact with."

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Moschner said employees have been wearing masks and gloves and "practicing strict infection control practices."

"We believe the risk of cross-contamination is fairly low," Moschner added.

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