Program encourages children to think happy

A Bay Area non-profit with a simple message is making a big difference in people's lives.

Live Happy is a grassroots program that educates the community on the virtues of happiness. Marilyn Boss says it's her passion.

"Positive is the way," Boss said with a smile. "When you plan positive thoughts in your head and you keep those positive thoughts there you can do nothing else but be happy."

For six years, Boss and Live Happy have been encouraging positive thinking as a way of life. She's done such a good job, Boss was given the Uplifted Award for her commitment to teaching kindness.

"I was just so surprised because, I do this because that's what I love to do," she said.

Boss visits Bay Area schools to teach students the benefits of a smile.

"If we can plant those seeds while they are young and teach them that happiness and positiveness is the way to be successful, just think of all the success we would have in this world and the happiness," she said.

The message seems to be working.

"When people smile I feel like it makes them have a brighter day and like a better day," said 4th-grader Maria Aprill.

Dr. Mary Giella Elementary School Program Manager Jennifer Wright sees it first-hand. 

"The holding the doors open, saying kind things to one another. If they see a friend sad, they will go up and help them out, if they are struggling," Wright said.

Boss is proud of the impact she has on the children's lives. She believes in the joy that positive thinking can bring.

"No matter what gets thrown at me, no matter what happens in life, I chose to be happy because it is a choice."