Proposed noise rule frustrates St. Pete bar owners

Bar and restaurant owners in St. Pete are speaking out frustrated with City Hall, over a proposed rule on the amount of ambient noise they produce.

City hall says they've received numerous complaints, mainly from condo owners on Beach Drive, about all the noise coming from bars and restaurants.

The city has come up with a proposal to enforce its noise ordinance by measuring, and only allowing up to a certain decibel.

Ryan Griffin owns Mandarin Hide which is a bar on Central Avenue, He is concerned the city proposal could turn down the volume on his business.

“We've spent so much time trying to attract millennials and they want a high energy downtown environment,” Griffin said. “This could affect that."

Ben Kirby, spokesman for Mayor Rick Kriseman’s office says at this point, the ordinance is only a proposal and they plan to work with bar and restaurant owners to try and keep everyone happy.

“We want to work with this business owners,” Kirby said.  “We are not here to drive business out.”

City Council will hold a public meeting on the issue in late March.