Protesters want charges in Stand Your Ground shooting

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A deadly shooting outside a Clearwater convenience store is sparking protests after the shooter claimed self-defense and was not charged.

Community members gathered outside the Circle A Food Store in Clearwater to protest the basis for which the shooting was deemed justified – Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

The man who pulled the trigger tells police he feared for his life, but some say they don't buy it.

Demonstrators called the killing of a father, in front of his three small children and their mother, murder.

“What happened over here and what transpired over here is wrong,” demonstrator Lorenzo Jenkins told FOX 13 News. “This man died for defending his family man. For being a young father.”

Thursday, security cameras caught 47-year-old Michael Drejka approaching the car of 24-year-old Britany Jacobs while her boyfriend, 28-year-old Markeis McGlockton was in the store.

Detectives say Drejka began arguing with Jacobs because she was parked in a handicapped spot without proper tags.

That's when McGlockton exits the store and can be seen pushing Drejka to the ground.

Seconds after he hits the ground, Drejka pulls out a gun shoots McGlockton in the chest.

Drejka currently isn't facing any charges, but demonstrator Stephanie Battle says that should change.  

“A young man's life was taken for a senseless crime that should not have happened and I just want to know that if it was anybody else, a wife, mom, or whatever, would have done the same thing. He was protecting his family,” Battle said. “You never should have approached her. You should have minded your own business. If you had a problem with her parking in the space that she was in, you should have called law enforcement.”

FOX 13 News has reached out to the shooter multiple times. He has not responded and has a sign posted on his door saying he's not making any comments at this time.

Another rally is scheduled at the Mount Carmel Church in Clearwater Sunday at 4 p.m.