Rent a dog for a day through the SPCA

You can rent almost anything these days: A car, a tuxedo, and even a wedding dress.

Now you can rent a furry friend, thanks to the SPCA of Florida.

Many people would love to have a furry friend, but cannot afford the time or money of owning a pet. For them, the SPCA’s new expanded rental program gives pets and people a chance for some friendship and company without the forever commitment.

The program lets you borrow a pup for three or four hours, by simply filling out an application.

Dogs available for rent are posted online. Anyone interested in renting one can pick three possibilities. The SPCA’s Nikki Vaughn takes it from there, matching the person to perfect pooch.

“Whether they are looking for someone who is more low key and they just want to go for a walk, or they’re looking for someone who is more energetic, they want to take and go play with,” Vaughn explained.

They even give you a list of places you can go. Maybe you and a pooch could have some munchies at Fresco’s, a glass of wine at Red Door Wine Market, a beer at Swan Brewing, or Italian food at Palace Pizza. Some opt to take a walk around the park.

“It is a good way for us to learn - can the dog jump in a car? Does the dog get carsick in the car? Does the dog like “puppychinos?” Does the dog like walks around the lake? So it’s a different experience for them to get out of the shelter,” SPCA of Florida’s Randa Richter said.

And eventually, they’ll get to go home with someone for good.