Restaurant employee accused of recording woman in restroom

Deputies say Bryan Lara, an employee at Beverly's Restaurant in St. Pete Beach was arrested after he intentionally used his cell phone to record a 35-year old woman using the restroom.

The victim was using the women's restroom and noticed a cell phone, camera side facing her was on top of the wall separating the women's and men's restroom, according to investigators. They say a short time after the victim exited the restroom, she saw Lara exit the men's restroom with the cell phone.

Deputies say the victim's boyfriend confronted Lara who admitted to recording the woman and that Lara was being cooperative with the investigation. They say he allowed deputies to search his phone and he admitted there were more videos similar in nature. 

Deputies with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office warn the public there are likely other victims and ask that anyone feeling they may have also been recorded by Lara to call them at (727)-582-6200