Rodent meat burger is all the rage in Moscow

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In Russia, a burger made of rodent meat is making Russians say 'da, da, da, da, da... I'm loving it,' though it’s probably sure to repel most westerners.

From the river bed, to between bread, Moscow’s food fans are wolfing a burger made of river rat meat. It's the latest must-have dish in the Russian capital.

The Krasnodar Bistro, a restaurant specializing in southern Russian food, has put the nutria, also known as river rat or coypu, on its menu.

Bistro chef Alexander Semykin said the nutria burger is simple, tasty and full of nutrients. He added, it's not a real rat, as we think of it whole, but it contains the nutria's meat and liver.

The nutria is a semi-aquatic rodent and looks like a mix between a capybara and an otter. It’s more often valued for its fur.

The nutria burger sells for 550 rubles, or $8.50.