Rowing increases in popularity across Florida

For the first time, the city of Tampa's Parks and Recreation Department offered a summer camp for rowing. The response was so great, the city is expanding its rowing camp offerings for next year. 

Around 120 teens attended this summer's rowing camp. The sport continues to grow in popularity and offers great exercise, teamwork, and a chance to get on the water.

The camps are operated through the Tampa River Center. One of the camp organizers, Mike Mosley said you don't need to have experience with rowing to attend the camp. He said most kids who participate have never rowed before.

“There aren’t any stars. Even if you have one strong individual, you need all nine to make it work,” Mosley said.

The camp is centered at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park, giving the rowers a view of downtown Tampa while they are on the water.

In Florida, there are more than 60 high school rowing teams, with more being added every year.

While the summer camps were sold out, the parks department is offering a follow-up for both adults and kids in early August. There will also be middle and high school community rowing groups starting in the fall. For more information call 813-274-7453.