Samurai sushi roll recipe

Samurai Sushi Roll Recipe

Sushi rice, nori (seaweed paper) sesame seeds, tempura flakes, fresh tuna, cucumber, roe, sriracha sauce, spicy mayo, eel sauce


  1. Spread rice on nori (seaweed paper)
  2. Mix tuna and spices and spread on nori evenly
  3. Add cucumbers and tempura flakes
  4. Roll gently while securing it in place so it doesn't break apart
  5. Slice tuna for topping
  6. Place tuna on roll and shape to perfection
  7. Adjust and cut accordingly
  8. Drizzle spicy mayo, eel sauce, and siracha on the roll
  9. Top off the roll with fish roe, tempura flakes and sesame seeds 

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