Sarasota's Nutty Girl bagging up gluten-free goodies for the plant-based lifestyle

Molly Moore is the owner and founder of Nutty Girl by Molly. The company makes various vegan, gluten-free products made with nuts.

Molly’s biggest seller is Girlnola, gluten-free granola made with rolled oats, almonds, and pecans.

"There’s no harmful sugars in it, and that’s why people love it. It’s so delicious," she says.

Molly started the company three years ago in Sarasota.

"I feel like this community fits my demographic in that people are really concerned with their health and people are moving more towards that plant-based lifestyle," she says.

To order Nutty Girl products online go to

The website also tells you what stores carry Girlnola, in case you want to pick up a bag in-person.